Cone Free – Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Cone free

Wilma is cone free and we’re all celebrating. Wilma is a very happy dog. She is making plans to return to work tomorrow and to really get stuck into her fitness campaign. She’s also busy planning her travels – but she will tell you all about that when she comes back to work tomorrow. She had to have drops in her eyes again for her examination so asked if I’d just write one more day for her. And that is why I am celebrating – I am a happy dog as I can go back into retirement. I will write occasionally, but I don’t want to work every day at my age.

Blue Tits Moving in

We seem to have blue tits moving in but I don’t just mean they are nesting in the nest boxes. They are, but it’s gone further than that. Yesterday, one of them returning to the nest took a short cut through the kitchen. The window at the front was open. The French windows at the back were open so the little blue tit came inside. It did stop briefly on the work surface just behind the toaster and Mum was all set to help it find its way. However after a bit of a look round so it could check for toaster crumbs, it went on its way. We make toaster crumbs daily. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back.

Back to no mow May

I thought we were back to no mow May again yesterday. Our lawnmower isn’t working right. Mum gave it a good clean and she thinks that may have improved things, but she suspects it may be overheating. To be honest, if I was having to work that hard I’d be overheating. She is now looking into having it serviced. If it stops working she’s not going to happy. It isn’t that we don’t still have an old mower, we have the one that was in Switzerland. Now all she has to do is a) find where she put it and b) remember what mix of fuel it needs. All she knows for sure is that it isn’t electric.



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  1. Oh that is great news about Wilma’s cone. It has been on a very long time.

    Thank you Aristotle for standing in. You have done a great job but your time is needed in the garden.

    • Thank you so much. Ari downed tools the minute he’d posted today’s diary. He went back to bed.


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