Lazy Sunday – Monday 22nd May 2023

Lazy Sunday

At least one of us opted for a lazy Sunday. Some are born to lazy Sunday’s (me). some of lazy Sunday’s thrust upon them (Wilma). Some… well some just can’t sit still and that would be Mum. A lovely sunny warm day lies ahead. Do you a) find somewhere cool where the rays of the sun will play gently across your nose. Of, do you b) use what looks to me like a glorified fur trimmer on a long pole to cut the edges of the grass. There are no prizes for guessing which of us went for each of those options. “Let me know when you’re done with the boring stuff,” I said and went to lie where the breeze could just catch me nicely.


Mind you, if you think Mum works hard in the garden, she’s not a patch on the ants. I have found a spot the other side of the pond where it looks as though the ants are trying to take out a whole paving slab. The worrying thing is that it’s right next to the arbour. I’m getting the decided impression they are in the process of moving the arbour, but I don’t know where to. They may just be undermining it, I can’t tell.

Exercise in pointlessness

Today the humans are demonstrating a perfect exercise in pointlessness. Someone is coming to fit an electric car charging point this morning. Why is that pointless? We don’t have an electric car. Now, to be fair, Dad is supposed to be having one for work, but the delivery date keeps going back. If this continues he will have retired long before the car arrives. I’m wondering if there’s a market to rent out the charging point in the meantime as a way to increase my Bonio budget.



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