Tail up sort of day – Sunday 28th May 2023

Tail up sort of day

Yesterday was definitely a tail up sort of day. I felt good and that’s always something to celebrate. We went on my favourite local walk for the first time since I’ve been cone free. Mum said if we went early the weather wouldn’t be too hot and there wouldn’t be too many people around. We were at Oakley Wood by 9am and that’s most unusual for us. In England we tend to have our main walk in the afternoon so Mum can work in the morning. When we go to Switzerland it tends to be the other way around, so it was nice to start getting into my Swiss mindset early.

Answering PeeMail

I have to admit I was quite slow walking as there was just so much peemail to sniff and reply to. Mum laughed, she said she could tell I was feeling good as I wanted to leave my scent everywhere. I just felt I had to shout ‘world, I’m back’. Mum was especially pleased with me. While I was not well I was really reactive with other dogs and with people. I guess I felt vulnerable and I don’t like that feeling. Yesterday I felt on top of the world and was happy to pass the time of day with the dogs we passed and largely ignore the people. It was one of those walks which really sets you up for the day.

Waiting for Dad

I think we’re off out for our walk in a minute and then it’s home to wait for Dad’s return. Mum has gently explained that he has an overnight flight and I’m to understand he will want to go to bed when he gets in. I’m sure she meant to say – after I’ve bounced on him, but that’s certainly how I interpreted it.


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