Wearing my heart on my sleeve – Monday 29th May 2023

Wearing my heart on my sleeve

I’m basically a wearing my heart on my sleeve sort of girl. I know I don’t actually have sleeves, but you know what I mean. If I love you then I can’t help but show it. Dad was in no doubt how much I’d missed him when he came home yesterday. I threw myself at him and showered him with affection. Thankfully, he appreciates it although Mum did tell me to go easy on him as he’d be tired. I can’t help myself. Ari is much more subdued in his welcomes but then makes up for it later. He can give the impression of being a bit cool, but he’s a sort of still waters run deep sort of dog. To be honest if we were both like me there’d just be too many injuries to our humans every time they came home.

Sore eye

I know the vet said my eye might be a little red and I shouldn’t worry, but it was a bit sore yesterday and my third eyelid was a little across my eye. Mum told me to rest it and go easy and we’d see how I’m doing when the vets open again tomorrow. I’m sure it’s fine, but it is a little frustrating. It may not have been helped by the amount of rolling around the garden I did yesterday. When Mum has cut the grass I just love rolling on the new-mown areas. Maybe I’m my own worst enemy.

Lazy day

Today is a lazy day with Mum and Dad. Dad is still tired from travelling and as we’ve all missed him we’re happy to spend the day chilling out with him. I shall continue to be a heart on my sleeve sort of dog and Ari, of course, wants Mum to do some gardening with him, but he will have to wait his turn. Mum says her priority is to cut off some low hanging branches she hit her head on doing the mowing. She’s on the warpath and I wouldn’t want to be in her way. She’s even borrowed Dad’s pruning saw so she means business.


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