Product testing – Saturday 27th May 2023

Product testing

We’re busy doing some product testing at the moment. I shall tell you all about it and what we think when we finish next week. All I’ll tell you now is that it’s edible. Actually, I’ll also tell you that Aristotle is doing the lion’s share of the eating as Mum said I absolutely can’t have any extras until I lose some of the ones I’m already carrying.

On that note, did I tell you Mum is also thinking of putting a fence across the garden so I can’t get to the apples when they fall. I pointed out that would be more work for her clearing up the fallen apples, but she said she was prepared for that. When I think about it, I mind quite a lot as I prefer pooing at that end of the garden too. I just have to hope it doesn’t come to anything. Dad has already pointed out some of the complications of doing it – you’d think he was on our side.


I’m so excited that I will be going on my travels next week that I’ve already started to pack my little suitcase. I even let Mum wash my lead and harness so I can look my best while I’m away. I just can’t wait – Mum and me and the open road. There’s nothing like it. We will see Dad before we go, at least for a few days. He’s been in America for work this week but he gets back on Sunday. There will be long enough to give him a hug and a note of where Mum’s put all the food for him before we set off.

Ari has a list of what he needs to do in the garden while we’re away and he’ll have to get Dad to help him with that too. Mum doesn’t suppose Dad will mind too much. I was checking out how some of his veg is doing earlier and I must say I’m impressed. I can’t wait for it to be ready to eat. They probably enjoy boy time as much as we enjoy girl time. Switzerland, here I come.


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  1. Have a great time on Switzerland Wilma. My Mum is there at the moment and loving it. I am being looked after by my brother and waiting for her to come back home soon.
    Love Franz

    • Oh how wonderful. Mum says she’s seen some of your mum’s pictures and hopes she’s having a great time.
      You be good while your Mum is away.

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