Cool mat – Thursday 1st June 2023

Cool mat

Who would have thought that the cool mat could bring back so many memories? Mum sorted out all our hot weather gear yesterday. One sniff and I was in pieces. Shadow spent much of last summer lying on the big cool mat and it still smells of her. She used it even when the weather wasn’t that warm as it soothed parts of her which were hurting. We really do miss her still. She was such a forceful presence in our lives. Alfie didn’t really feel the heat in the same way so there weren’t the same associations. Aristotle takes after his mother and finds heat difficult. Mum hasn’t set his air-conditioning unit up yet but she will. He’s asked if she can move his night-time crate to somewhere that doesn’t feel so warm too.


One of the things Mum bought for Shadow but she never used as a cool bandana. You soak it in cold water and it keeps the back of your neck cool. I thought I might try it. I know Cinders wears bandanas and she always looks so snazzy in them. I’m just not sure it’s my style, but I guess I won’t know unless I try. Maybe I’ll ask my sister what she thinks when I see her in a few days’ time. Maybe she’ll give me an honest answer as to whether it suits me or not.

Jigsaw nightmares

I think Mum may be having jigsaw nightmares. She did a jigsaw while Dad was away. It was one she really liked but he wasn’t so keen on. When she got to the end, there were two remaining holes and two remaining pieces. Unfortunately, the didn’t match. Now she can’t find where she’s made a mistake and it’s driving her crazy. I said she should give up, but she hates to be defeated so this jigsaw could go on for a very long time.



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