Happy birthday Mama Susie – Tuesday 6th June 2023

Happy birthday Mama Susie

I have to start by saying happy birthday Mama Susie, the best mama in the whole world. I’m so happy that you have made it all the way to your fifteenth birthday. You’re still as beautiful as ever. You are a very special dog and I’m sure all your other children and grandchildren think that too.

Update on my eye

Yesterday was two weeks from the last appointment for my eye. I had to get Mum to take some photos of how it is now to send to the specialist. He needed to see how I’m doing. Mum and I have been a little concerned about the cloudy area on my eye, but we’re told it’s perfectly normally and will fade over time, but could take a few months. It won’t affect my vision, which is the most important part of the news. My eye is not really uncomfortable now, so I think everything is ok and we can stop worrying about it and simply get on with life.

New food

Because of the rule that you can’t travel to Europe with meat based products from the UK, you aren’t supposed to carry dog food with you. Mum has a letter from the vet for me to say I have to have special prescription food, that allows me to bring enough to be able to at least get to a pet shop without having to go hungry. We went to the pet shop to find me a new food yesterday. It’s hard reading all the labels when they aren’t in English but we found one in the end that both Mum and I thought would be ok.

It would not be overstating things to say I LOVE IT. I was so impressed after my first meal from the bag that I sat next to the bag for a while in the hope Mum would relent and give me some more. She didn’t – I can’t get out of my diet that easily.



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