Beetle – Wednesday 7th June 2023


There is a game in England called beetle. That sort, Mum can deal with. It involves rolling a dice to build and getting the right numbers to draw parts of your beetle. When it comes to the real thing, it is an altogether different matter. For most of this incident I was asleep. Mum was already awake even though it was only one in the morning. She was sitting reading with the light on. Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement as a beetle that was about an inch long scurried from where it had been hiding and stopped by the side of the bed. Mum simply can’t share her life with large beetles beside the bed. The beetle had to go.

Convenient shoe

Since a spider incident of some while ago, mum has always had a pair of shoes or slippers beside the bed. The beetle incident proved exactly why this is a good idea. She reckoned she had one opportunity. Miss hitting the beetle sufficiently hard and she would never know where it had gone to. I was woken by the sudden thwack of the shoe being brought down as hard as Mum could manage on the beetle. She was waiting to find out if it was one of the hard shelled types for which her plan would not have worked. Thankfully for all of us, it wasn’t. Despite the demise of the beetle concerned, it hasn’t stopped Mum wondering if there are more lurking somewhere.

Running with my sister

I’m really enjoying my morning runs with my sister Valeria. When I say runs, they are more ambles with occasional bursts of speed. Neither of us is getting any younger, although at least Valeria isn’t overweight. I do feel all this exercise is doing me good but Mum says I’ve got a very long way to go.



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