A Bank Holiday – Friday 9th June 2023

A Bank Holiday

Yesterday was a bank holiday here so there were more people out walking. I prefer having my mountain to myself and my family and friends. We still had a lovely walk, me, my sister Valeria and our friend Megan. Mum was being mean not letting me eat the manure that had been spread on the field. Humans just don’t get how much of a tasty treat things like that are. I think her words were, ‘I’m the one who has to clear up after you when you have a bad tummy.’ Ah well, I shall keep trying.


Later on we went to Gottschalkenberg and I naturally thought it was to go for a walk to the viewpoint. I was very disappointed to find it was to sit in the café having a drink and enjoying the view. I had a chat with a few of the dogs that were in the café. Ok, I may have been a little loud, but you have to shout to make yourself heard above the people. There was a White Swiss Shepherd Dog there who kept calling over to me. He was one of those who was good at getting me into trouble. He’d give one short bark and then it was me who got told off for barking back. Sometimes life is hard on a girl with a loud voice.

Seeing Mama

Later on I went to see Mama Susi. It will be the last chance I have to see her this trip so it was lovely to spend some more time together. I do enjoy being with her and Mum absolutely adores her. It would be lovely to think she might still be here when I come in December, but she says life gets harder all the time, so we will have to see.

Now Mum’s told me to pack my things into the rucksack as we’re going up the Rigi mountain. We’re not walking up, there’s a train which is quite exciting too.



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