The ups and downs of travelling – Wednesday 12th July 2023

Ups and downs of travelling

There are so many ups and downs of travelling. A definite down was saying goodbye to Dad, but it’s only for a few days. The first part of the journey wasn’t too bad. Of course some stretches of the route were busy but I was comfortable with my bed, my pillow and Heffalump. We did stop at the National Trust place, Reigate Hill and it was a great decision. Missing the turning and having to go along lots of roads with speed bumps to get back to it wasn’t one of Mum’s best moves, but we got there. The car park was quiet, there was a toilet for Mum and a little coffee kiosk. For me there were so many exciting smells and some lovely areas to walk.

Check in at Eurotunnel

My check in at Eurotunnel was fine. I had a bit of a shouting match with a Westie, but I was definitely the loudest, so I won that. Then Mum had to go through her own passport checks and that took so long that we missed the train we hoped to be on. Mum was very upset as it didn’t leave us with enough time to stop at the supermarket to get her food when we got to France. She wanted to do that so I could be comfortable in the car in the underground car park. Instead we left shopping until it was almost closing time. Mum left me with the boot hooked open and ran in and out of the supermarket only buying a few of the things we needed.

Where we are staying

We are staying in a place called Oostmalle. It’s unlikely you know it, but some of you might get as excited as Dad about Westmalle which makes a beer he likes. It’s just a quiet suburban area with lots of trees and plenty of easy places to walk. We’re staying in an apartment in a house and it is absolutely perfect for both of us. There are two other dogs who live here, but I didn’t meet them yesterday. I think I’ll see them today.



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