Change of plan – Saturday 10th June 2023

Change of plan

Well there I was ready with my little rucksack when there was a change of plan. Mum didn’t want to be out all day and thought a walk would do her more good than spending time on a train. Did someone say walk? Count me in for that one. Then my sister Valeria said why didn’t we go to walk round her lake for a change. Well seeing as she’s spent so much time on my mountain it seemed like a fair arrangement. Her lake is beautiful. The hills around it are higher than the ones around our lake and the countryside is breath taking. Better still we could see my mountain too. Of course, that means we can see my sister’s lake from my mountain as long as we look the right way.

Wild flowers

In the areas where the meadows haven’t been cut yet there are so many wild flowers. Mum got very excited when Valeria’s human pointed out some purple wild orchids. We have also been amazed at just how many Red Kites there are circling overhead on the thermals. I wouldn’t want to get into an argument with one of them.


Later we went to what had been one of Dad’s favourite restaurants to sit and have an ice cream and enjoy the sun above a different lake. Sadly, the restaurant didn’t seem nearly so good this time and there wasn’t an ice cream menu, so we were all disappointed.

We went to the supermarket then, but I just gave Mum my order and looked after the car while she went in.

Finally another change of plan

Our final outing on the Swiss leg of our trip wasn’t a last walk on my mountain but a walk around the circuit in Alosen that we used to do from the house Dad lived in. It was for old time’s sake and was nice because it just felt normal and as though we could still claim it as home. I think the new people living in the house might have been a bit surprised if we had, but it was nice thinking about it.

Now I’m all packed and ready for us to have a day in the car on our way to Italy. Such is the life of a travelling dog.



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