Travelling – Thursday 22nd June 2023


We’re back into the travelling phase of our holiday. Yet again it is fair to say yesterday was weird. We started by going to the vet in Lausanne. That bit wasn’t weird, it was a very good visit. Ruff had booked me in to his vet so I could get my passport stamped for coming home. Except for him commenting on my weight, which a girl can be very sensitive about, I got on very well with the vet. Thankfully his weight comment didn’t stop him giving me treats.

An odd stop

Now for part of our trip Dad was able to join us, but because he couldn’t come for so long he flew instead of coming in the car. Yesterday we had to drop him at Geneva airport so he could fly home again. It was so weird. My humans went for the ‘Kiss and Fly’ option. If I understood it correctly, that basically involved tipping Dad and his luggage out of the car and driving straight off. Mum kissed him goodbye but there wasn’t even time for me to give him a kiss, so I feel somewhat cheated by the description. It was a good job he took everything he needed as we were straight onto the motorway and crossed the border into France in no time.

Change of temperature

The first part of our travelling was through the mountains. It was much cooler and rainy so we were able to take the opportunity to stop a couple of times. Then something really odd happened. Within the space of about 5 or 10 miles the temperature went from 21 degrees to 29 degrees. I was glad Mum had had the sense to stop before that.

Mum says the places we have driven past make good wine, but I can’t really comment on that. We past somewhere called Beaune and are staying in a hotel near a place called Chablis. It’s slightly wasted as Mum doesn’t drink alcohol when we’re driving either, so neither one of us can really appreciate it.

If I’m lucky today and we get to our hotel in time, I’m going to the beach later, so I’m feeling excited. There’s just a small matter of 270 miles to do first!



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