A win for the dog – Saturday 1st July 2023

A win for the dog

I’m delighted to report a win for the dog. It has taken a lot of time and effort but the site that was stealing my diary has finally removed the stolen content. I am so happy and grateful to both Mum and the lovely lady at the Society of Authors who helped me. Hopefully the people concerned will think twice about stealing a dog’s work in future.

Our post lady

Mum had some explaining to do to our post lady this week. A package arrived addressed to Wilma vom Rickental. That’s me, obviously except the post lady didn’t know that and offered to return it to sender if it was for someone who didn’t live here. Mum enlightened her, but I don’t think she can be a dog person as she really did look bemused.

On the bright side my parcel is full of things I’m going to test and tell you about, but more of that later.

An odd deal

I know I’ve told you I think my humans are odd before, but yet again a strange deal has been struck. Dad came up with the bright idea yesterday of wanting to go to a beer and cider festival. He didn’t want to go on his own. I put my paw up to go with him, but it still left us short of a designated driver. We could have walked, but it would have taken us hours and Dad didn’t seem keen. That’s where Mum came in. Now, given Mum doesn’t drink beer or cider it didn’t hold so much attraction for her, but it would mean she could be the driver.

Then Mum had an idea and did a deal with Dad. She’d be his designated driver as long as today he will go to the tile and flooring shop with her without any complaint. I think she may have caught him at a weak moment!



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