Coombe Abbey – Thursday 23rd February 2023

Coombe Abbey

I had a lovely time at Coombe Abbey Country Park yesterday. It was very different going with an 18 month old child than it was a few weeks ago with a pack of my dog friends. My little friend went round the walk in his pushchair with me skipping along beside him. Unfortunately, it had rained so there was more mud than I was expecting. His lovely clean pushchair wasn’t nearly so clean by the end of the route I took him on. I felt a bit guilty as his parents tried to put the chair back in the car at the end without getting the mud everywhere.

Children’s Play Area

After we’d had a lovely muddy walk he went to play in the children’s play area. Sadly, that’s not an area that we dogs can go in, so I stood by the fence with Mum. I did behave most of the time, but you know what I’m like when I get bored. Mum was completely concentrating on watching him going through a tunnel and although holding my lead she wasn’t watching me. It was fine until I saw the Beagle. As I set off at a full run to chase the Beagle, it was amazing that Mum managed to keep her balance as I dragged her over the grass behind me. It only took her about 50 metres of hanging on for dear life before she brought me to a stop. As you have probably guessed, I was in big trouble for that one.

Ice Cream Parlour

There is a very exciting Ice Cream Parlour at the visitor centre. They even sell doggy ice cream. I had my heart set on having one at the end and was wondering if I could make a case out for it, given my diet. Sadly, my misdemeanour going after the Beagle left me absolutely no chance of persuading Mum I’d been good enough to have an ice cream. I’m going to have to go back some time and take Dad as he’s bound to be easier to get round than Mum is.



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