Two laps of the course – Thursday 6th July 2023

Two laps of the course

Yesterday I did two laps of the course at Warwick races. I said I’d had enough after one. I was still feeling a bit off from my upset stomach a couple of days ago. Mum on the other paw said we both needed more exercise. What she really meant was that she wanted longer to talk to her friend. We stopped for a good drink after the first lap. Then Mum carried my water bottle so I could have some more whenever I asked.

Mum’s friend was impressed that Mum had taught me to drink straight from the bottle. I pointed out that no one taught me. I just watched it being done that way by humans and decided to copy and actually, I find it easier and it saves Mum carrying a bowl. It’s not hard from sports bottles. It just reminds us of our puppy days and sucking milk from our Mums. I’m surprised more dogs don’t drink that way really.


Mum finally started helping Ari with weeding all the vegetables yesterday. It was made more difficult by someone at the back of us having yet another bonfire, so Mum had to wear her mask outside. When I last checked they had done four of the six vegetable troughs and were yet to get back to the bed of squash plants. That one’s going to take longer as all the little squashes need to be raised off the ground. Last year Ari put some in seed trays, but Mum found raising them on spare bricks was better. I think they’ll probably end up with a mix of the two approaches, mainly because Ari can’t move the bricks on his own.

I quite like it when they’re working on the vegetables as I can keep an eye on them while munching apples. It’s much harder if they’re in a different part of the garden because then I have to leave what I’m doing to check on them.



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