Happy Swimmer – Friday 7th July 2023

Happy swimmer

Ok, I’m exaggerating, Ari wasn’t exactly a happy swimmer yesterday but he was a lot happier than last week. Mum said he didn’t argue about going into the swimming place, which is a big improvement. He even walked up the ramp on his own and looked like he was thinking about climbing into the water on his own, before then trying to run away.

Once he was in the water he was pretty good and worked hard. Mum was pleased with him. He knows it’s good for him and he does have some loss of muscle that he needs to work on. He’s promised to go fortnightly now. I’d like to say he’s agreed to go without complaint, but this is Ari we’re talking about and he moans about everything.

Getting excited

I’m getting excited as I’m off travelling again next week. It’s just me and Mum going, much to Ari’s annoyance and Dad come to that. We’re going to Belgium on Tuesday for a few days. I can’t wait to visit some of Alfie’s old haunts and see some of the people who were so dear to him. We’re going to be staying not far from where Alfie first lived when he moved in with Mum and Dad so hopefully I can bring you some up to date photos.

It’s because of our trip away that Ari is having such a go at Mum about helping him to catch up with the gardening before she goes. He can’t manage it all on his own and he’s worried they’ll fall behind again. We’re not going for long this time so I don’t think he really needs to worry. Besides which, if he asks Dad nicely, I’m sure he’ll help where he can.

I know I’m not setting off until Tuesday, but I’m already thinking about what to pack.



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