Brain Games for Dogs – Friday 28th July 2023

Brain games for dogs

Tomorrow at our fun day we’re going to be learning brain games for dogs. Now, for those of you who know us, you will have realised that as a breed we are pretty bright and can generally work things out for ourselves. I can’t help but think that teaching us brain games is a bit like supplying an addict with drugs. On the one paw we are going to have a great day and will really enjoy ourselves. On the other paw the risk is that we learn a trick or two that we put into practice to good effect. And when we do, it may not be quite as our humans anticipated.

All ages

There will be all ages of dog there. The days of me being a youngster are firmly behind me. I have to be realistic and remember I fall into the veteran category these days. Ari will actually be the oldest present, but it won’t surprise me to find he can still teach the younger ones a thing or two. I’m going to do my best to look after him as he is quite easy to over-balance these days, so I don’t want any pups running into him.

The arrogance of youth

The funny thing is I can remember the days when I thought I knew it all. Times I didn’t think any of the old dogs could possibly teach me anything. It is strange how easy it is never to think about the fact that once upon a time they were young too, and went through many of the same things. It takes a long time to learn to listen to all the older dogs around you, to see what you can really gain from all the experience they had. I was lucky to live with Alfie, who was always so kind about my childish assumptions. He never told me I was wrong, he just gently showed me there might be other ways. I do hope the youngsters realise just how much they can learn from Ari.



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