My crate – Thursday 27th July 2023

My crate

My crate is in the kitchen. To be fair, I don’t use it very much, but it’s in a nice position for when I do want it. Ari used to have his crate near the lounge. It was a nice quiet spot and he liked it very much. He didn’t feel hemmed in, but it was still cosy and he had a blanket over it making it feel like a den. The only problem was that when it’s hot weather the lounge can get very hot and Ari doesn’t cope with the heat. Mum decided for the summer months she would move his crate somewhere cooler. Now, I know as it turns out it’s not so hot, but it could be.

New Location

The new location for Ari’s crate may seem odd, but it is a nice cool place out of the way. His crate is now in the bathroom. Mum made clear he isn’t expected to use the bath. To be fair with his crate where it is that would be very difficult. It is the same place that Mum put it last summer and Ari was happy with the arrangement as it was cooler.

This year is different. On the one paw, it’s not so hot so he said he could have stayed where he was. On the other paw, he’s getting older and is not so supple. Getting in and out of the door needs him to do a complicated shimmy to get between the door and the wash basin. It would be ok if he weren’t so impatient and he’s got himself trapped a couple of times.

The last straw

The last straw for Ari was when Mum insisted on washing his bedding this week and gave him clean bedding. When he went to bed that night he cried. Mum took him out again in case he just needed the loo. It made no difference. Mum let him sit out with us instead and asked if he wanted to sleep in the bedroom. He didn’t. He hates sleeping with the rest of us as we disturb him. What he said he really wanted was my crate in the kitchen. My lovely cosy crate that I’ve got just how I like it. What could I say? We all wanted to go to bed and Ari said he’d accept nothing less. It means we’ve done a swap. I’m just hoping Mum remembers to retrieve my pillow and my cuddly cow, because I draw the line at him having those.



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