Overdoing it on the ball front- Thursday 21st September 2023

Overdoing it on the ball front

It turns out that both Rafa and I are overdoing it on the ball front. After our frenetic game on his birthday we were both a bit stiff and limping. That’s the thing with getting older, you end up doing too much and then wonder what happened. We should be fine by later today, but I’m laying off the ball for a day or two. Rafa on the other paw has been asking for the game to continue since it stopped. He has one ball that he absolutely won’t give back to Mum. He takes it to her at every opportunity and asks if they can play. There is also one he has lost in the garden and he is so determined that he will still find it at some point.

Squash harvest

Aristotle has been busy harvesting the squash. Last year he brought them all into the garden room of the house to finish ripening. This year as part of the building work the garden room will disappear in a couple of weeks, so he can’t do that. He’s lining them all up in the greenhouse, but he’s got so many he will run out of space. Mum says he can use all the plant stands too, so he will have an awful lot ripening before it becomes a problem. His total last year was 27. He doesn’t know how many he has altogether this year but there are a lot more than that.

Digging holes

Someone has to come to the house to dig some holes so that the builder can make sure the foundations of what they will build are ok. I asked Mum why she hadn’t just asked us to do it. We could have had great fun being able to legitimately dig holes. Instead we are being told we can’t go in the parts of the garden where the holes are in case we fall in them. What a waste!



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