No string in sight – Friday 22nd September 2023

No string in sight

Ari has been helping Mum build the vegetable trough and there’s no string in sight. When the string comes out you always know it’s bad news. That means the pieces of what is being built don’t meet where they should. Unlike the first attempt at a compost bin, the vegetable trough looks much more suitable for the job it needs to do. Ari was a bit peeved because Rafa just lay down in the sun watching the work. He didn’t offer to help. Mind you, he’d have been more annoyed if Rafa had tried taking over.

In reality the work has only just started. Now he needs to fill it with soil before he can plant anything in it. There is some compost in his January/ February bin, but none of the rest is ready, so he’s a bit stuck.

Rafa’s ball

Rafa is so funny about his ball. He tries to carry one with him at every opportunity. The minute Mum stops moving he presents the ball to her in the hope she will throw it – even when she’s on the loo. She says that much as she’s used to all of us sharing the bathroom with her she has never had a tennis ball dropped at her feet when she’s sitting on the toilet before. It’s good to try new things, but I think she could do without this one.

After a couple of rest days, Mum has promised Rafa that as long as it’s not raining later this morning he can have a game of ball outside, rather than in the bathroom. He is somewhat mollified by the offer, but he doesn’t really want to wait that long.

Once or twice he’s even got confused and thought my apples were his ball. There I am quietly munching away, minding my own business, when he swoops in to take the ‘ball’ and gets a surprise. I guess he’ll learn eventually.



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