Summer has arrived – Monday 3rd June 2024

Summer has arrived

Yesterday it was easy to believe that summer has arrived. We spent almost the whole day outside. Mum was gardening. I was pottering and resting in the shade. Even Dad said it was good to be outdoors and he’s not such a great fan as Mum and me.

Mum is on a mission to get the garden somewhat tidier before all my friends come round. I said they wouldn’t notice, but Mum didn’t seem to think that was the point. We started work at the top of the orchard and are working our way down. The weather forecast for the week says it will be dry, even if it isn’t sunny. That should mean we can get a lot done. To be honest I was worn out by the end of the day.

Planning the garden room

Mum is planning the garden room and what exactly will go where. She is very excited that there is a prospect of us actually being able to use the room very soon. I think if there are any more delays she’s going to be very disappointed. She’s hoping it will be in use when all my friends come. We don’t know whether the outside bar will be in use. Mum says it will all depend on whether the pigeon squabs have left the nest. How she’s going to make it off limits I’m not sure.

On the bright side, Mum has said that my second favourite bed should come out of storage in the next week or two. It will of course mean I have to make decisions every time I want a nap, but I can live with that. On the down side, Mum has also said we need to have a big clear out of spare dog things. I shudder when she says things like that. However, she made a fair point when she said if they never plan to have four dogs at the same time again, some things might be surplus to requirements.



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