Birthday ball game – Wednesday 20th September 2023


Birthday ball game

Yesterday we had a big birthday ball game. Rafa absolutely loves playing ball. He’s as mad about it as his Mum used to be. I’ve learnt to enjoy a game now and again, but I can take it or leave it. Anyway, in our shed is a big container with over a hundred balls in it. Mum bought them on eBay years ago when a tennis club had finished with them. Tennis balls wear down our canine teeth, so she normally restricts play partly for that reason. She also works on the basis that actually being ball obsessed is not healthy, and she’s probably right.

Two direction game

After lunch Rafa and I played fetch. Mum stood at one point and alternately threw a ball in one direction for Rafa and then the opposite direction for me. She did it like that for two reasons. Firstly, I’m faster than Rafa so if we go the same way he gets upset because I always get there first. Secondly, when he gets upset he goes for me. To be fair, that does seem to be getting better, but I’m not taking any risks.

Rafa hates giving the ball back. If there are several balls around he even tries to get them all into his mouth, which of course doesn’t work. I’m a good girl and bring the ball back so Mum can keep using the same one.

Balls everywhere

Rafa’s refusal to give balls up is meaning there are a number of balls around the garden and every time we go outside he goes to find one to bring for Mum to play. He’s learning the command ‘finish’ for when Mum has had enough of playing. To be honest, she has to call time as otherwise he gets a bit too hyper. Shadow used to be like that too. I’ve never really understood the obsession.

We did have loads of fun and it was good exercise too. It’s just a shame that Ari can’t play with us, but I guess Mum would have to throw balls in three directions then.



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