More tablets – Tuesday 10th October 2023

More tablets

Our lovely vet gave me some more tablets. I’ve got to take them for ten days to see if they will clear up the itching around my eyes. I’ve got some cream too, but I have to be careful about getting Mum to apply that so it doesn’t go in my eyes. If this doesn’t work then I might need some steroid tablets. The problem is that I can’t take steroids while I’m on the painkiller I’m taking for my arthritis. I’d have to come off my anti-inflammatory while I took the steroids, so it’s one of those no win situations. Paws crossed that the current medication works.

An extra day

You can’t believe how happy Mum is for the fact that the start day for the builders has gone back by one day. She says that will make all the difference and she’ll now be able to get everything she wanted to do finished. She’s taking me away for a few days this week to cheer me up and before the builders start, so it means we will be back in plenty of time. Given how every time Mum and I have tried to go away this year it has gone wrong, we are really hoping that the next few days will be perfect. I don’t really know where we’re going, but I’ll let you know when I get there.

Looking after Dad

Today Mum is out for the day, so I’m looking after Dad. It’s not that complicated. I remind him when I want feeding and that he should probably eat too. So he can keep working, I go to his desk when I want a cuddle. He doesn’t usually let me join him on work calls, which is a shame really. I’m sure they would be improved by me taking part.



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