More therapy – Wednesday 24th April 2024

More therapy

Today I have more therapy. I’m going for my laser treatment, but I want to talk to the physio because my leg is really uncomfortable. I’ve tweaked my back again and the pain is going down my back right leg and making me lame. I don’t want to put my weight on it. I know the physio is trying to get me to walk more evenly and build the muscle back, but that’s hard to remember when it hurts. We’re still religiously doing my exercises, but I must admit even I realise I’m only really weight bearing on my left side at the back at the moment. Mum is despairing of me.

I have two sessions this week, today and Friday. We’re so desperate for it to work, but I’m not feeling optimistic.

The patio

The patio is starting to take shape. Not in the sense that you would recognise it as a patio, but more in the brightly coloured pieces of string kind of way. It is all marked out so that they builders can start putting in the wall. Our house is on a slope and it’s really weird how bits we thought looked level suddenly need several steps down to the next part. That’s why they need the string to mark it all out first.

Tiles for the garden room

The tiles that Mum and I chose for the garden room have been discontinued. The tile shop said they had ones that were so similar that they thought Mum would be happy. She couldn’t take me with her, but she knew what I wanted and went to have a look. Immediately she said they wouldn’t do. She wants a surface that I won’t find difficult to get my footing. The last thing you need with a bad back is to slip. The ones we had chosen were what Mum says is called riven, but the ones they had were smooth. Anyway, so that I’m happy, instead of changing the type of tile she’s changed the colour to the one they do have enough of. It’s nice to know we come first.



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