Who’s been digging in my garden? – Tuesday 2nd July 2024

Who’s been digging in my garden?

Who’s been digging in my garden? That’s what I want to know! To be honest I’m quite shocked. It’s rather taking liberties to dig a hole as big as this without me being involved. It is an odd place to dig too. It’s not far from the water course, but as there is surface water nearby I don’t think they were looking for water. The hole is much too big to have been dug by a squirrel. Mum says she thinks a fox is the most likely, but whatever it is I’m really not happy.

I asked Mum if we could set a camera up to see what was happening, but she said it would be a bit difficult to do it to there. At least that is unless she can find where she packed the time lapse camera. If we could find that then it wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s somewhere in storage.

At last

At last my wound seems to be healing. This picture is from the wrong end to show the part that has taken forever to close up, but I thought you’d like to see the length of my scar. Mum says it’s about six inches long (15cm). It’s amazing how well the fur is growing back, given it never has properly on my leg, from the sarcoma removal.

Anyway, as long as it is still improving today then two exciting things are happening. Firstly, Mum says I won’t need to wear the collar I’ve had on anymore. It’s a soft collar and hasn’t been too bad, but I’ll still be glad to be rid of it. The second thing is that we will go for a little walk beyond the garden. I think we might go early so that it’s before the workmen are around – not just ours, but the ones at the house over the road which is also doing a lot of building work.



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