Mum is worrying – Thursday 3rd August 2023

Mum is worrying

Mum is worrying about Aristotle and can’t wait for his scan next week. He’s panting a lot and finding it hard to settle. I told her he’s been like that for a while, but I suppose we’re suddenly noticing it now. He didn’t go swimming yesterday. Mum didn’t think the stress would do him any good until we know what’s happening. He isn’t spending so much time outside with me searching for apples either. To be honest, it has made me realise how much I like having a partner in crime, so I really hope we can get him sorted.

Daddy’s girl

I’ve become rather a daddy’s girl now he is back from Switzerland and at home most of the time. It means I now hate it when he even goes away for a couple of days. Sometimes when he goes away for work, he’s in such a hurry that he forgets to actually say goodbye to me. More than once I’ve been going around the house looking everywhere for him and wondering why he doesn’t come out to see me. Thankfully this time when he went yesterday he came to find me and said goodbye. He’s reassured me he’ll be back late tonight and that I can stay up for him coming home. At least it hasn’t left me confused, even though I do miss him.

Packing away

Mum is packing everything away in her office. For a horrible moment we were confused as to what was going on. We needn’t worry. It’s only that she is finally getting around to some more of the house renovation work and her office is next on the list. It’s quite exciting as we will be having a wooden floor instead of a carpet. I’m not really interested in the rest of what she’s doing, but I do like a wooden floor to lie on. I’m not holding my breath though, as she has an awful lot of stuff to pack before she can make a start.



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