Guilty as charged – Monday 13th November 2023

Guilty as charged

I’m guilty as charged and in trouble for it. It’s like this. Yesterday was cold and miserable. What do girls do when they’ve got the blues? Comfort eat. I’m no different to Mum and lots of other people who have that tendency. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be on a diet and yes I’ve been doing really well, so much that even Mum said she thought I was looking a little thinner. Yesterday however was just one of those days. Mum was in the kitchen and I thought I could get away with it. To be fair, I did for a while. I went into the utility and as carefully as I could tipped over both mine and Aristotle’s bags of food. I’d just spread it out on the floor and had started to have a pick and mix extra meal when Mum realised I’d gone quiet.

Too predictable

Damn – I’m too predictable. If I’m not right by Mum’s side or within her line of vision she knows there must be something going on. Boy was I in trouble. I had that whole lecture thing on being old enough to be trusted and we weren’t doing this for her good, blah blah blah. I at least pretended to show remorse, but in reality I was only sorry I hadn’t got away with it for longer. You wait until the next time I catch Mum binge eating something when she doesn’t need it. The boot will be on the other paw then.

Vegetable trough

Ari did get Mum to go out and do a little gardening with him yesterday, but it rained most of the day, so they only did a little. They have at least finished emptying the vegetable trough that needs repairing, only for the liner to fall apart in Ari’s paws. Mum said it should be fine as they had a spare one and asked Ari where he put it. The problem is he can’t actually remember. Spares are only any use if you know where they are. He said he’ll have a good sniff around this week to see if he can find it.

Alfie’s Birthday

We’re also thinking of Alfie today as it would have been his birthday. We miss him every day. Happy birthday Alfie. You were a wonderful friend.



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