A touch of wind – Tuesday 14th November 2023

A touch of wind

You will be pleased that it’s not me or Ari who has a touch of wind. I’m talking about the weather. When the builders finished yesterday I don’t think they’d realised just how windy it was going to be. All of a sudden we saw Mum running out into the garden to catch a large sack that was acting as a sail. No sooner had she pinned that down with a couple of bricks than she was chasing some insulation. From our point of view it was quite entertaining, but I don’t think Mum viewed it in quite the same light. She tried to make sure that everything was suitably secure, but she was feeling a bit fed up with it all.

Day to day life

Trying to live in the middle of a building site is not easy for anyone, the builders included. They just want to get their job done and they really are doing that very well all things considered. However there ae one or two minor difficulties for us all. We don’t so much have a drive as a mud bath at the moment. Mum feels sorry for our poor post lady. Yesterday it was so bad that although Ari and I had been going out to pee in the front garden after dark, we both said we’d rather go to the back. The problem with that is Ari is finding the plank bridge across the temporary oil line is not easy. He’s really worried about missing his footing as he can’t see so well. Mum takes a torch and guides him, but it’s still worrying him.

Ari’s hydrotherapy

Ari is off to his hydrotherapy again today. He’s grumbling, but then he always does. I asked how his legs had been since last week and he had to admit that they had been much better. They haven’t actually given way on him once. I pointed out that if a single week could do that it must be worth carrying on. He just shrugged.



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