Appleholic – Sunday 12th November 2023


Aristotle is an appleholic. He is desperate for apples and can sniff them out from 1000 paces. Ok, so that last bit is an exaggeration, but he can certainly track them down from a long way off. Mum proudly said she’d raked the fallen apples up again yesterday. Ari proved her wrong by sniffing out several rotten ones that he told me were delicious. Oh, I miss eating apples, but I have got used to not being allowed to just go and help myself. With Ari he’s just desperate for them – it’s really weird and unhealthy. Mum says as he’s so old she doesn’t feel there is much need to stop him.

Garden work

To be fair to Ari, he did work hard in the garden yesterday. He helped Mum remove all the blanket weed from the pond. Then there was the apple clearing and after that they made a start on moving all the soil from the vegetable trough that collapsed, so they can repair it. If the weather is dry at all today then they’re going to carry on.

I was helping Dad stewing apples for the freezer. He’s out for the day today so I’m not really sure what I’m going to do.

Exciting times

Mum and Dad went into the area which will be the new garden room yesterday. They were doing some measuring now they can see exactly where all the walls will be. I asked where my bed will go and was surprised that Mum has already thought about that. The settee I’ve adopted may be in there too, which is even better. I already know where Ari will choose. He’s never happier than where there are open doors to outside, so he’ll be right by the French windows or even out on the patio. I wish we could have a walk around, but Mum says while it’s a building site we aren’t allowed.



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