Windy weather – Friday 24th November 2023


Windy weather

Mum doesn’t like windy weather. You cannot believe how quickly she made me walk yesterday so we weren’t out in it for so long. I think the fact she’d had to leave the house unlocked for the builders and didn’t know if they’d still be there when we got back might have had something to do with it too. I barely had time to answer all my peemail as I went around the racecourse at break-neck speed. It was ironic really as the horses must have gone around it the previous day much faster, but I prefer to dawdle.

Aristotle’s bottom

Poor old Aristotle has a sore bottom again. Mum has realised there was something not quite right with him for a couple of days, but he’s always so reluctant to discuss such private matters. The abscess on his anus is back. It’s three months since it was last treated and it really shouldn’t be coming back. Mum took him off to the vet last night and he’s on antibiotics. They will see how quickly it clears up before deciding if anything more should be done. It’s difficult at the moment as they don’t know if it is his anal gland or his rectum that’s the problem. We’re also reluctant for him to have any sort of investigation which involves anaesthetic because of his heart.

More demolition

Meanwhile today the builders are doing what should be the last bit of demolition. Mum says she will feel much better when it’s all about building rather than knocking down. She wouldn’t mind but the bit being knocked down is very recent, it was just not done very well. I keep telling her it will get better soon and we won’t have any collapsing drains, or windows inside walls. At least I hope not.

Love Wilma

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