What a day – Tuesday 28th November 2023

What a day

What a day it was yesterday. I think Mum had steam coming out of her ears at one point. I don’t know how many times she had to move the cars because they were in the way. Ari and I kept our heads down. There was banging and crashing and men traipsing through the house. At one point Mum was getting quite frustrated and I had to go in as therapy dog to help her calm down.

There were lots of good bits though. We may be back in our bedroom in only another couple of weeks or so. Mum and I got very excited about that. We’re creatures of habit and like to be in our normal space.

The bad news

It wasn’t all good news. Apparently there are some pipes that need to be run from one place to another place – I didn’t understand the detail. But it’s going to mean more work around Aristotle’s lemons. He is not happy. It also means Mum having to move a load of storage boxes out of the way and she has no idea where they will go.

On the bright side. I did persuade Mum to let me have a look at our new gazebo even though it’s not completely finished yet. I like it. It will be better when you don’t have to wade through mud to get to it, but Mum assures me that is part of the plan.

Today is not so bad

Today is not going to be as bad as we’d thought. We thought we all needed to go out for a couple of hours this morning, but we don’t. Now the work that needs us to go out is tomorrow and we were going out then anyway, so it’s worked out much better than we thought. There is going to be a big crane lifting things over the house and Mum said she doesn’t want us inside while it happens. I can see why.



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