On guard – Wednesday 22nd November 2023

On guard

I spent yesterday morning on guard. Despite my best endeavours a man still managed to remove a window from the hall and brick up the gap. I told him what I thought in no uncertain terms but he didn’t take any notice at all. One of my beds had been below that window and I quite liked the afternoon sun coming in that way. To be fair we aren’t getting very much sun of any sort at the moment, but that wasn’t the point. Mum has put my bed back there and explained it was only ever a temporary location until it can go back where it’s supposed to be, but I liked the spot. I’ll get used to it again, but now it feels like a different spot.

Calm before the storm

Mum has said to make the most of these couple of days as being the calm before the storm. Apparently the first couple of days of next week will be madness, as opposed to now which is just insanity. On Tuesday there are some steel beams to be lifted over the house. Mum is taking us out when that is all happening. She says we are way too precious to be under a crane lifting something like that. Of course, we’re all hoping the house will be all right too, but she can’t put that in the car and take it out. I’m not sure where we’re going yet, but apparently I can choose.

Ari’s hydro

Ari’s hydro didn’t go quite so well yesterday. He had already said he was feeling a bit under the weather, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Mum said there was one funny moment when he was so busy looking at himself in the mirror that he nearly went backwards off the treadmill. It would have served him right for being so vain.



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