Southwold Beach – Friday 5th January 2024

Southwold Beach

Yesterday’s excitement was a trip to Southwold Beach. Mum and I both love the seaside, so it was a wonderful treat to go there. Dogs are only allowed on the beach out of season, but that was fine for us. You can walk a very long way and if you don’t want to walk on the sand there is a good walkway along the side for quite a way. Some of the sand is the perfect soft stuff that you can really get between your toes. Other of the sand is coarser and easier to walk on. Some is a bit more pebbly. The waves on the sea looked quite strong, so I don’t think swimming would have been a good idea.

Beach huts

Mum said she had never seen so many beach huts. There are hundreds of them and they are all painted lovely bright colours. Most of them are very well looked after and made you want one of your own. They had fun names too. Mum says we live too far away to have a beach hut, and we’ll have to make do with a shed in the garden. It really isn’t quite the same, although we could paint it a bright colour.


There is a pier with arcades and games, but Mum wouldn’t let me have my pocket money to try any of those. Worse still, Mum had a big ice cream and even though they sold dog ice cream she didn’t let me have one. I think Mum is taking my diet too seriously.

What I didn’t tell you was that part of the reason we’ve come away now is to have a break from the building work. You’re not going to believe this, but there is building work right outside where we’re staying. You can imagine how happy we are about that. I’ve had a good bark at the builders. At least they aren’t coming inside where we are.



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