A bit of a surprise – Wednesday 21st February 2024

A bit of a surprise

Mum and I had a bit of a surprise yesterday afternoon, and not in a good way. We went out to do some gardening after the builders had gone. We were chatting away as we walked up through the orchard to get Mum’s little gardening trolley. She’d left it by the compost bins when she last emptied it and we were going to fill it again by pruning the roses. I took a photo but Mum said I can’t use it in case any of you are squeamish. There, in front of the compost bin was the rat. Oddly, it wasn’t alive. We don’t know how it died, but it had died right next to the compost bin it had been living in. Mum called me away immediately. I was ready for a full on investigation into the cause of death. Once I was out of the way, Mum read the rat its last rites and disposed of it safely.

What we don’t yet know is whether it was part of a family or had been living alone. Mum has carefully filled in the hole under the compost bin and will now have to observe.

Broken website

Mum has been moving our websites to a new home. So far she seems to have got most of what she has done wrong. Yesterday it was my turn. She has been moving the diary archive. That covers something like the first ten years. As I write this, she has lost it altogether. She’s quite sure it’s around here somewhere and that she will find it again, but just for now it seems to have wandered off somewhere in a sulk. I said she’d better not do that when the time comes to move the main diary! That wouldn’t be good news.

She said something about using the less important ones to practice on, but from observation she doesn’t seem to be getting any better at what she’s doing.

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