Not so wild life – Thursday 22nd February 2024

Not so wild life

Today is about the not so wild life. I’m used to having sheep in the two fields to the side and back of our garden. They don’t normally bother me too much. The brown sheep in the top field sometimes baa at me when I go up to the fence, but there is a cover across the fence so we can’t actually see each other. The sheep at the back are white and normally there aren’t that many of them. They tend to stay over to the other side of the field and we only occasionally have staring contests through the gap in the hedge.

Yesterday the flock of sheep in the back field were both more numerous and rather larger. Mum thinks they may be pregnant. I think they’ve just been eating too much. They are also rather more assertive and were lined up eating nearer the fence than usual. I was getting quite excited, I don’t mind telling you. It was really disappointing when Mum commanded me to leave them and come away. I did as I was told, but I was a beat slower responding than normal.

Slow progress

Due to the flooding – yes, again – the building progress is slow. Of course, that much rain when you don’t currently have any storm drains is a little disconcerting. The hole they have dug to be the foundations under the wall around the patio is currently acting as a fairly effective moat. I’m just hoping there aren’t any crocodiles looking for a new home around here.

On the plus side, the drain survey is booked for next Tuesday and Mum is pretty excited about the prospect of finding out where all our drains actually go – or more to the point, don’t go. I’m rather hoping that once that issue is sorted there might be some hope of all this work coming to an end.



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  1. Good luck with the drain survey. I wish I could have ‘logs’ like that in my garden for my dogs

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