Late to Bed – Friday 23rd February 2024

Late to bed

I was late to bed last night. I asked Mum if I could stay up for Dad coming home and of course she said yes. I didn’t think you needed another video of me greeting him, but I was just as pleased to see him. Mum was worried in case he had problems with the floods as some routes into our village are blocked again. We’re hoping it will be dry for a few days now as otherwise it really is all getting to be too much. The pond is overflowing. The grass is underwater and we have several streams washing away the soil and the mulch Mum put down. Mum has bought some putty to repair the greenhouse and stop it leaking, but until it stops raining she can’t even do that.

I need an adventure

I’ve decided it’s time for another adventure. Life can become very repetitive if I’m not careful. I eat, sleep, walk, roll in fox poo and repeat. Oh, don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that every meal is the same I fall on it with the same enthusiasm. But sometimes you just want to get up and do something different. I want to smell new scents. Leave my mark in different places. Look out from different views. Now the question is, how do I get Mum on board with the idea and sort something out?

I do have a couple of walks coming up where I will see friends. I think Mum is as excited about one of those as I am. Two of Shadow’s daughters are coming if things go to plan and one of them looks so like her mother that it took Mum’s breath away. Let’s hope it is a nice day for that walk and we can take lots of lovely photos.



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