Putting me first – Friday 5th April 2024

Putting me first

Mum is putting me first and I can’t really complain. She has said that we won’t be having another puppy until we are further forward with my health. I know it’s for the best, but I’m still disappointed. She is right though, if I have to have a back operation I won’t appreciate a puppy climbing all over me. Besides that, we might have to go and stay for a few weeks in Switzerland to be able to look after a puppy and I can’t really do that if I’m in the middle of treatment or recuperation.

Laser treatment

We spent ages looking at the internet yesterday. Mum wanted to make sure that where I’m going for my physiotherapy has the best options for laser treatment. We couldn’t find anywhere else near here, so Mum has said we will start and if she isn’t convinced then she’s going to drive me to one of the places that’s further away. There is one that would take an hour and half to get to, so that wouldn’t be too bad. I will only need a few sessions to see if it works and then will have an MRI to see how things are looking.


We’ve even looked at the diary to see if I can be all right for my trip to Switzerland later in the year. Mum says the timings should work. If I have to have an operation then it is likely to be towards the end of May, so I’d have the summer to recover before my trip. Health is something you take for granted until it dominates everything you do. I’ve even agreed to try harder on my diet. I’ve only got another couple of kilogrammes to lose, but every one counts if I’ve got a back problem. When my current food runs out, Mum is going to move me onto the very low fat one until I get down to my ideal weight. Now we just have to reach an agreement on what that weight is.



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