Day Care – Thursday 11th April 2024

Day care

I went for my second day of day care at the kennels yesterday. I like it there and do feel quite happy with the choice. There was no particular reason to be there other than to get used to it. Mum was at home missing me. I was at the kennels barking to the other dogs. The lady told me I bark like a Beagle. I really didn’t know what to say. It’s bad enough being told by people that don’t know our breed that I look like a Beagle, never mind sounding like one. It’s not as though I have any Beagle friends to do any kind of comparison with.

Next time I go in I’m staying overnight so that I get used to that too. I need to talk to Mum about what I want her to take for me so I can feel completely at home.

Some good news

At least we have a little good news at home. The gap to the outside world in the garden room has now been filled in. That means we don’t get a cold wind blowing into the kitchen where Mum is trying to sleep. She resorted to sleeping upstairs for one night because it had got so bad. I was fine going up at the time. I even climbed on to the bed when she went in the shower, but unfortunately I paid the price yesterday, so it really wasn’t worth it. The problem is that Mum really doesn’t want to make me sleep on my own downstairs and I’m grateful for that.

Dry weather

According to the weather app on Mum’s phone, it’s going to be dry for the next 10 days. It would be wonderful if that was true as we could finally start making some progress outside. Sadly, we don’t believe it. I’ve got my paws crossed it will be right, but I think I’m dreaming.



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