A job for the dog – Wednesday 10th April 2024

A job for the dog

This is definitely a job for the dog – that’s me, in case you weren’t sure. Our house has a smell which comes from under the hall floor. We’ve lived here just over two years now and we first discovered it after we’d been away for a couple of days and the house had been shut up. Mum and I have worked closely on this one to sniff out where it’s coming from. That’s how we’ve narrowed it down to the hall.

To begin with we closed all the doors when we next went away and then sniffed in each room in turn. “It’s the hall,” I shouted in my excitement. That’s all very well, but we haven’t solved the problem.

What sort of smell?

Our next job was to work out what sort of smell it is. To be honest I found that easier. It definitely wasn’t a dead animal as I had no inclination to roll in it. We both agreed it wasn’t a sewage smell. It was when the builders were doing some work at the side of the house and found some water that had been sitting around for a while. “That’s it,” I shouted. I’m good at shouting. So we concluded the smell is stagnant water.

What next?

If life were simple then we’d be able to simply take the carpet up and get to the problem. It may of course be that easy, but we have a concrete floor. Not only that but if we take the hall floor up I’m not sure how we get between the kitchen and the garden or the bedroom – or bathroom come to that. It may mean we can’t live here while the builder does any work and the time for them looking is getting nearer. It will be good to get it sorted out, but something tells me that the process is going to be quite a difficult one.



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