My friend Cookie – Monday 13th May 2024

I went to see my friend Cookie yesterday. She’s such a great dog and I love being around her. I don’t even mind sharing Mum with her. It would be lovely if we could have a Corgi just like Cookie to join our family. Of course, it would be better still to bring Cookie home with me but I think her humans might mind. With my back, I wasn’t allowed off lead to have a rough and tumble with her, but we had fun and even curled up together for a nap in the afternoon. I did tweak my back getting out of the car when we got back later, but I think I’d just been lying down awkwardly, so hopefully it will settle down quickly.

Coat colours

Dog coat colours are really interesting. Cookie isn’t related to me, but has very similar pattern of markings on her coat as I have on mine. It makes us look more like sisters than just friends. Ok, so she’s much shorter and even longer in the body, her ears stick up and she has more brown above her eyes, but just a quick glance and you see a lot of similarities. I do hope when we get a Corgi to join our family that Dad will choose one with these markings. I think I’d like him to choose a girl too. He might be going off the name Biggles, which would be a shame as Mum and I really like it.

Today’s plan

As long as my back is ok, we’re going for a gentle walk in the woods today. We really liked the walks here when we came last time, so I said I’d like to go back. If walking is too much there’s a café where we can sit outside and I’ve promised to try not to bark at everyone who goes by. It’s going to be a hard promise to keep, but I’m going to try my best. I can see Mum’s point that if I bark all the time she simply has to stop taking me to things. As I don’t really want to be left out, it’s important that I at least try.



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