Rest day – Wednesday 15th May 2024

Rest Day

Yesterday was a rest day. Mum was exhausted. My back was hurting a little. Then Dad tweaked his back as well so we had the complete set. Mum cancelled going to see her friend in the evening, but still thought we’d go into Antwerp as planned. Thankfully, she saw sense and we all agreed that a day relaxing in the garden where we were staying was what we all needed. It was another beautiful sunny day, so we found a shady spot and spent the day reading and dozing. Mum did more reading than I did. I did more dozing than Mum did. She did manage a trip to the supermarket, but didn’t bring anything back for me.

Gentle walk

I did have a gentle walk in the afternoon, but only around the local area. I met a couple of Golden Retrievers and we shouted greetings to each other, but other than that it was all fairly uneventful. The house dog where I’m staying doesn’t like me very much. It took against me when we met last year, so we’re keeping out of each other’s way. It’s nothing more than a lot of barking, but that is enough to annoy all the humans involved – and probably some more in the surrounding area.

Today’s Plan

Today’s plan is exciting. We’re off to meet an Entlebucher breeder here in Belgium. This is not about me having a puppy, but just a chance to meet – at least that is what Mum is saying. I’m meeting a stud dog and his owner too. I’m quite excited about that bit. One of the puppies that we’re going to meet will be moving to England next month, so I’m hoping to get chance to tell her about some of the wonderful things she can do when she’s there. It will be good for her to already have a friend.



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