Visiting Billie – Saturday 18th May 2024

Visiting Billie

I spent yesterday morning visiting Billie. Billie now lives with the family who were Alfie’s breeders. Of course, Billie is way too young to have known Alfie. She wasn’t even born when we lost Alfie, but she’s heard about him. She’s heard about his mum and brothers and sisters too. Billie really wanted to play, but unfortunately I said with my back as it is I was going to be good and sit down. I would say ‘sit quietly’ but I didn’t actually manage the second part of that. I barked a bit to compensate for not being able to run round – you know how it is.

Lovely morning

We had a lovely morning, but it was just Mum and me who went. Dad is still flat on his back. We’re all a bit fed up with it to be honest. Mum’s starting to worry she won’t be able to get Dad into the car to bring him home. I think she was joking when she suggested strapping him to the roof. It really hasn’t been quite the holiday we were hoping it would be. We have at least got away from the building work for a week and we all love the place in Belgium where we stay, so it has had some very good points to it.

Final Day

Today is my final day here for this year. Mum asked what I’d like to do. Obviously I’ve asked if we can go for a walk in the woods. I said if we did that then I’d be happy to sleep all the way home. Mum pointed out I was limping after my last walk there, so maybe I need to think about doing a shorter walk. We just need to see what Dad is able to do. Mum would quite like to go to the shopping centre, but I’d stay with Dad if she does that. She usually changes her mind as soon as she gets inside, so I don’t suppose she’d be out for long.



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