Disaster recovery – Tuesday 4th June 2024

Disaster recovery

We watched a real life disaster recovery plan in action yesterday. I have never seen anything quite like the ants’ nest we came across. Mum was tidying up around the hazelnut tree. A long time ago we put some plastic sheet down to stop the weeds, but it was a mess and Mum said she didn’t want it there. Besides that, the weeds seem to have found a way to grow through it anyway. We pulled the sheet away only to find that the ants had laid all their eggs right underneath it. Out of nowhere, hundreds of ants marched into action. They rushed around in a very organised manner, carrying all the eggs down into the holes that ran below the sheet. All we could do was watch in amazement as they worked.

It was quite clear that ants have well rehearsed disaster recovery plans in place. From how they worked it would be easy to believe they did test runs on a regular basis. Mum said there were a lot of humans who could learn from them.

A week today

It’s a week today until I go into hospital. My operation isn’t until the Wednesday, but I have to go in on Tuesday. I’m starting to think about all the things I might need to take with me. Obviously I need to make sure Mum takes my food and bedtime Bonios. I’m hoping to take one or two things to remind me of home too. I was thinking of a snuggly blanket and a cuddly toy. Just a few bits to cheer me up and help me not to worry too much. I wish Mum were allowed to visit me while I’m there, but I guess I would get too excited and want to come home. She says I can ring her at any time day or night. I suppose they will give me something as a sedative that will mean I sleep quite well, but I might just ring her in the middle of the night to check she meant it.



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