What happened to summer? – Wednesday 5th June 2024

What happened to summer?

What happened to summer? Was that it last weekend? Mum and I were hoping that was just the start rather than the whole thing in a day or so. When the sun is shining, Mum is happy to spend far more of the day outside than when it’s grey and drizzling. The worry is that we’re nearly at the longest day already and it’s all downhill from there. Mum said that looking on the bright side, she doesn’t need to do much watering of the garden. That is really very helpful as the outside tap hasn’t been installed yet. The old one was attached to a wall that was taken down as part of the building work.

My room

The floor tiles are down now in my room. As soon as they’ve been grouted then all that’s left is for the units to be fitted and the electrics finished off. Mum says that although it’s my very own room at the moment, I do need to remember that I will have to share it with Biggles and Pebbles when they join our household. I know that in theory, but for now I’m enjoying thinking it’s all mine.

Mum is going to put a shoe bench in there so she can sit down and put her walking boots on. The one she has in mind was painted purple to fit with the kitchen when it was in there. I’ve said that if she’s putting it in my room then she will need to paint it the right colour first. What I haven’t decided is if it should match the walls or the units.

Planning a buffet

Mum is planning the buffet for the gathering for our Club’s fifteenth birthday. I keep making suggestion of things she should include for us dogs. She seems to be concentrating rather too much on human food for my liking. For one thing I think she needs to get a crate of Woof and Brew dog beer. It shouldn’t just be the humans doing the celebrating.



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