Pigeon nest – Sunday 9th June 2024

Pigeon nest

The pigeon nest has been removed from the garden bar. It was a very sad affair with the pigeons watching what we were doing. Mum felt very mean about it, but she has waited many weeks before asking them to leave. It has made her wonder if we should have some sort of dovecot in the garden where they can roost to their hearts content without being disturbed. Mind you, they could move into the duck house, as the ducks have declined that so far.

We are expecting the next few weeks to be a battle of wills with the pigeons starting to build a new nest and us dismantling it as they build it. I wonder who will give in first.

Feeling tired

We were all feeling a bit tired yesterday. This morning we’re having a slow start, but will be off to do more gardening shortly. Mum wants to get more grass cutting done as well as some weeding. I’m planning to lie in the shade and watch the apples grow. They do seem to be increasing in size quite fast now. Mum really needs to get the veg trough back so she can put the last of the potatoes in as well as all the squash plants she started in pots. She says it could be another week before she can plant up the patio, but hopefully we can do it all then.

Mind you, we could reuse the carrot trough as something has eaten all the carrot shoots. Mum says we’ll put some more in, but maybe in a different bed. At least the parsnips are looking good.

Then there’s the moths

Then of course there are the moths. Mum and Dad moved the settee round yesterday to see what it would be like the other way. They want to make sure they are happy with what is being done in the next phase of renovations. They aren’t. It turns out the moths have eaten rather more of the carpet than is entirely acceptable. Mum has been campaigning to replace some of the carpets with hard floors to reduce the problem for a while. Dad is now if the same mind. Dad’s going to choose the tiles for the lounge. Mum has said he can choose whatever he likes as long as they aren’t shiny and slippy so they’ll be all right for us dogs. It’s nice to know we come first.



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