The fencing has moved – Wednesday 19th June 2024

The fencing has moved

The fencing has moved and it’s all very exciting. Now I know you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but for the last eight months I haven’t been able to go in large parts of the garden because of the building work. Yesterday, the fencing was moved so we have most of that area back. It hasn’t gone altogether, but it will now be so much better for when my friends come on Saturday. I’m not going to benefit for a while, with having to be on lead, but it’s the thought that counts and the view of the garden does look much better without it.

Hay making

Now Mum has the problem of using the big strimmer to get rid of all the grass that had grown up by the fence which is human knee deep. It should only be a few weeks until it can disappear altogether, but sadly not quite yet.

What was funny was when she got the strimmer out to sort it and then couldn’t get it started. One of our lovely builders ran to her aid. After several attempts at different things, they found the strimmer had run out of fuel, leaving Mum feeling a little embarrassed at not having realised.

One week down

I’m already a whole week post-op. Obviously, I’m counting down to being able to live a normal life. Step one will be next week when I’m having my stitches removed. That’s booked for a week today. Mum has managed to book it with one of my favourite vets, so it won’t be too scary. The real count down will be to the 5th August when I will see my consultant for a check that everything has gone well. All being well I will be off lead after that and rolling in fox poo to my heart’s content.



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