My New Bed – Thursday 20th June 2024

My new bed

My new bed to share with Mum is nearly finished. When I last checked, Mum only had one seam to do and then some Velcro to add to hold it all in place. Mum says if I’m really lucky she’ll finish it today. I think she’s hoping to put the sewing machine away for the weekend then. After that she’s going to make replacement covers for the sofa bed to match my bed. More to the point they won’t clash with the bright pink walls after she changes them.

Getting ready for Saturday

There is an awful lot of getting ready for Saturday going on. I’m just sorry I’m going to miss out. We’ll be celebrating our Club’s fifteenth birthday, or at least everyone else will. I’ll be sitting quietly out of the way. Mum has been preparing the games for the fun day part of the day. It’s funny, she’d done them lots of times, but she worries there won’t be enough or she hasn’t thought of something every time she does them. She should know by now that as long as there are biscuits involved we dogs will be happy.

Aristotle would be proud

Mum has been working on tidying up the garden ready for everyone to come back here afterwards. I think Aristotle would have been quite proud of what she’s done. Given that the building work is still in progress, it doesn’t look too bad. Our lovely builders really are working very hard to get as much finished as possible by the time everyone comes.

The nice thing is that the Club was founded in our back garden fifteen years ago. It wasn’t this garden and obviously I wasn’t there. It was where we used to live in North Yorkshire, in the house that Mum and Dad lived with Alfie and Shadow when they all came back from Belgium. That was the time that Alfie deliberately peed on Guapo’s human – twice!



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