First Post-op walk – Wednesday 3rd July 2024

First post-op walk

I had my first post-op walk yesterday. Finally, Mum is happy that my wound is sufficiently healed for that not to be a major risk. We only went out for about ten minutes – five minutes out and a but more to come home. Honestly, everything felt weird.

It wasn’t helped by the excitement getting to me. I’ve been doing that whole not pooing thing, to save stretching my back and yesterday was the day to make up for it. I’d already been three times in the back garden on my teatime leg stretch. As a result of that, Mum was lulled into a false sense of security.

The walk itself

We went out of the drive and over to the lane opposite. Having not been out for a while, there were just so many smells to sniff. I also wanted to pee at intervals to tell the world I was back. After that it felt as though I needed to poo, but I can’t honestly tell you if that was about my back feeling weird or really needing to go because of the excitement. I went a little, but then it just kept feeling like I needed to go some more.

Mum said I was walking with my back quite arched and she thinks that was more about it feeling uncomfortable than needing to poo. I left three more small poos for good measure and then walked awkwardly home.

Mum was feeling quite concerned, right up to the point I wiped my bottom on the brand new door mat in the garden room. When I say ‘brand new’, it only arrived yesterday! I felt heaps better after that. Oddly, Mum didn’t.

Building up stamina

Now I need to build up a little stamina. Mum says we will go out for ten minutes just once today, but then increase to twice tomorrow. When we get up to me being comfortable doing three ten minute walks we will start increasing the time we’re out for. Having said that, I’m only allowed to do at most three twenty minute walks a day until I’m signed off.



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