Aristotle can jump – Tuesday 14th March 2023

Aristotle can jump

It turns out that Aristotle can jump. Mum really didn’t see that one coming. This is the boy who claims he can’t get onto the settee and always asks for help climbing up. It turns out that when it comes to a 40cm deep vegetable trough, climbing in is no obstacle whatsoever. It’s the pull of the compost as an after breakfast snack that has done it. That and the swimming. Anyway, yesterday after our proper breakfast we went outside as normal. I came in at the right time, like the good little girl I am. The minute I’d gone, Aristotle had other ideas.

Caught in the act

Mum always lets us have outdoor time while she gets her breakfast. We both know how long the coffee filter takes to go through and are usually ready at the back door just at the right point. Mum is never happy to have to go out in the back garden in her pyjamas especially when it’s raining. Anyway, yesterday it was only me by the door. Mum marched outside looking less than happy.

Usually, when Ari loses track of time there is compost involved. Generally, it’s because he’s digging under the compost bin to see what comes out. Mum didn’t have to get as far as that end of the garden by the time she found him yesterday. He was standing in the vegetable trough, up to his ankles in compost and nibbling away to his heart’s content.


Aristotle is now under strict supervision. Mum says that until he has understood that the compost is for vegetable growing and not for eating then he will not have quite so much freedom. He claims he was cutting the workload by not waiting for the vegetables to grow to get something to eat. There wasn’t much Mum could say to that. She says it’s a downside of how much stronger his legs have got with swimming. Aristotle just grinned.