Planning to be a video star – Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Planning to be a video star

My planning to be a video star is moving forward. Mum and I spent some time discussion what we were going to need and how we could do our filming without any help. I found a tripod / selfie stick for her phone that I think will solve that problem and then Mum found some clip on microphones so we can have one each when we’re trying to talk about the breed. Mum said I didn’t really need a microphone and she was sure that anyone watching would hear me even if their sound was turned off. I don’t think that was a compliment.

Outdoor filming

Mum wants to do most of our filming outdoors. She is going to work out the best spot in the garden to set us up. Some of it will just be us talking to camera and others will be me demonstrating various things. I’ve also asked if we can interview some of my friends as part of it and Mum thinks that’s a good idea. I will of course include Aristotle every now and again, but I don’t want him to steal the limelight.

Mum says it will be good to show people a little about boys as well as girls and I guess she’s right, but I don’t want him taking over. Mum wishes we could have done more while Alfie was alive and if we’re really clever I wondered if we could include some pictures of him in the process.

I got my days wrong

I got my days wrong. Dad isn’t on holiday until tomorrow. I was very disappointed when I realised my mistake. There I was, all set to get into bed with him and he was already up and ready for work. I’m sure he’ll make it up to me as soon as he finishes.



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